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Resetting your Diamond

A handmade setting differs from a commercial one in many ways. It has been designed and created by the same artist, it contains a more personal approach. When creating a handmade setting the jeweler needs the stone in their studio because the setting is essentially built around the stone. Basic prong settings, which are the hallmark of the commercial jewelry industry, can be set on the spot by an outside stone setter. When your stone is reset by one of our crafts people, it is sent directly to their studio where it is custom fitted into your engagement ring. 

We can transform your family heirloom into wearable jewelry that reflects your personal style. With the help of our staff you can find the setting that shows off your particular diamond in its best light. 

Once you have found the engagement ring you love, we can get an estimate of the setting price based on the weight and dimensions of your diamond. When you are ready to bring in your stone, call us to make an appointment. 

We require either of the following documentation when taking in a diamond: 

1. GIA/EGL Certificate with Current value of stone
If you have bought your diamond elsewhere and it came with a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or an EGL (European Gemological Laboratory) certificate, bring that and a copy of the sales receipt so we can properly insure it for replacement value. 
2. IGI lab report with stone map
If you have a family stone, or purchased a diamond without documentation, you will need to make an appointment to bring the diamond to IGI/International Gemological Information and have an appraisal done. If you are resetting a family diamond, it will need to be removed from its setting before bringing it in. we do not accept metal from previous settings. 

At IGI they will appraise your diamond in front of you, and create an accurate MAP of the stone. This map will show the placement of all the inclusions in the stone and provide a way to verify the stone is yours. 
Please note, IGI does not automatically map stones that weigh under .75ct. They will provide a map on such stones for $10. We require this map to reset your stone. 
The IGI will provide you with a preliminary report, and you will receive a Final (typed) report in the mail. This Final report is the one we require to take in your diamond. Click to see report full size.
Stones are all individual, and it is important to know that any time a jeweler sets a stone it is done at the customer's risk. It is extremely rare for a diamond to break. If the stone is considered to be a risk, by us, or the jeweler, we will notify you immediately. Some stones have more sentimental, than monetary value and we will advise you on the best course of action. We will only reset diamonds, Sapphires and Rubies. Other stones such as Opals, Emeralds and Tanzanite are considered too soft to be reset safely. 

To recap, to reset your family stone:
The stone must be removed from its setting. 
You must bring to the reset appointment, a final typed report that includes a map of the stone. click here to make an appointment. 

Additional Information

Average production times are 4-6 weeks on all orders. We cannot do rush orders on resets. 

We will ship your loose diamond via Registered mail insured for the value you provide. It is the most secure shipping method. Cost runs $45. and up, depending on insurance value. 

We do not reset any diamond smaller than .20ct. This includes all side stones unless they are bigger than .20cts. 

For Lab reports:
IGI/International Gemological Institute
579 Fifth Ave
New York, Ny 10017
212.753.7100 tel
212.753.71759 fax